Hannah & Connor - Birling Manor

Social media is a huge part of the photography business today. Our DB Photography Facebook page does great business and is very popular with the local community. One social media outlet I always enjoyed but never thought would bring us any great amount of business was Instagram. However when I got an email through from Hannah and Connor, explaining they had found me through the popular photo sharing app, I knew it was a valuable asset!


The majority of the weddings I shoot are from the Kent and Sussex area, so to hear that this future Bride and Groom were London based was very exciting. As it showed the company really was growing and expanding nationally. The wedding was to be based down in my neck of the woods at Birling Manor however.


I travelled up to meet with Hannah and Connor and was instantly struck by how chic and cool their wedding was going to be. Just from hearing some of their plans, and as you can see below, they really came off. I travelled up to Richmond Park a few weeks later to photograph the couples engagement shoot, which as of 2014 is included in my wedding price package. The shoot was lovely and can be viewed in the photo shoots blog section. From this shoot I found Hannah and Connor to be very photogenic and lots of fun, they also didn't take themselves to seriously, which resulted in very relaxed, yet intimate images. I looked forward to the wedding day greatly!


Steph and myself arrived at the morning of the wedding feeling excited about the day ahead. The weather was looking good and the place where everyone was getting ready was just beautiful! The Beachy Head Cottages in East Dean are something rather special and were a photographers dream! So many nice spots for photos! Perfect for Hannah, Connor, and their family and friends who were not based in the area. Me and Steph had in fact travelled a shorter distance than all the guests!


I went off to see Hannah, and Steph, went to deal with the boys (keep them in check). Which of course turned into a trip to the local pub! I started with some candid images of the girls getting ready, this is also where I met Milos of Cupcake Videos, who was there to capture the day on film. Over the course of the day Milos and I bounced many ideas off each other which benefited both our final products. I got creative with the dresses and flowers, and was very pleased with the resulting images. Now time to talk about one of my favourite shots of the day. This was not of the Bride or the Groom but of Hannahs parents. I stood near by whilst Hannah's Mum ran a comb through her husbands hair to get him looking smart, them with a smile on her face she gave him a cheeky tap on the face. One that showed off so much affection on the day of their Daughters wedding. It was very sweet.


Once Hannah was dressed we popped out into the courtyard for some snaps with her Bridal Party. These came out really well in the bright August sunshine. Then it was time to make the short journey down to Birling Manor, but not before a quick wedding selfie of course! I had the pleasure of riding shotgun in the bridal car with Hannah and her Dad, who had made a mix CD for his daughter of her favourite songs. Very sweet.


On arrival the venue looked fab. Hannah and Connor put in so much effort to decorate the venue with a lot of things being homemade.


The ceremony got underway and there were tears from the off! It was such an emotional and beautiful part of the day. I was really pleased with how Steph and myself managed to capture these moments too. There were some lovely readings, some laughs and eventually a long awaited kiss. It truly was a very nice ceremony and Ive seen a few!


Once the ceremony had ended and the guests made there way to the gardens, our remit was simple, capture some happy, candid moments, and we did! Plus some unexpected comedy from a little boy and his mischievous sign flipping, as can be seen below! Lots of group photos were not Hannah and Connors thing, but they did want some with their immediate wedding party out the back of the venue in the huge open fields. One of my favourite locations ever! I love these shots here, especially the guys and girls all leaping into the air.


After this I wandered around the garden with Hannah and Connor, taking some nice chilled, romantic shots. Birling Manor is such a gorgeous venue, its so easy to find these spots.


I want to take the time to mention the speeches. Steph and myself love originality. Just a warning to all you Best Men out there, if you got it from the web, we will know! No fear of that today as we had plenty of funny stories and anecdotes from both Fathers, Connor and Connors Best Man.


Into the evening there was lots of dancing, tea and cake and sing songs. Steph and I were delighted with our days work. The shots came out great and far more importantly, Hannah and Connor loved them too! Best wishes for the future to this fantastic couple!



Got Ready At: Beachy Head Cottages, East Dean


Venue: Birling Manor, Eastbourne


Videography: Cupcake Videos







23rd Aug 2014


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